Reasons why you do not lose weight by going to the gym

You’ve been in the gym for a while and you still do not see the results. We tell you why you do not lose weight by going to the gym.

The weeks pass and the results are barely noticeable. You signed up for the gym decided to lose a few extra pounds and tone your body, but the scale marks the same weight and your abdominal fat rolls continue in your abdomen. ‘ What am I doing wrong? ‘, you ask yourself again and again. Actually, something is not working, so it’s time to self-review your exercise routines so you can find out the reasons why you do not lose weight by going to the gym. Attentive!

You have not committed enough

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Be honest, if you only go to the gym two days a week, you can hardly lose weight, especially if your metabolism is a bit slow and it costs you to lose weight. It is clear that two days of physical exercise are better than nothing, but if your goal is to sculpt your figure, you need more.

In addition, it is also important to be totally honest about everything you give of yourself in the gym. If for each hour you spend 30 minutes talking with your classmates, you do not try to do the burpees and every time you have a difficult exercise you do it in ‘light mode’, however much you go to the gym it will not help you much, at least in the short and medium term.

To find the balance, make the most of the time you spend (even if you only go 45 minutes) and commit yourself to your goals. In this way, you will achieve the results you are looking for.

You do not do enough cardio

Aerobic exercises are essential to burn fat, so a workout in the gym focused on weight loss needs at least do at least 30-45 minutes of cardio three to four times a week. Ideally, you should aim for your gym activities involving high-intensity exercises or HIIT training, where you melt all unwanted fats, such as Crossfit, functional training or HIIT in the water.

Weight training too light

Although cardio is the basis for losing weight, strength training is essential for the gym to have the effect you want. In fact, strength or weight training can help reduce body mass considerably (3% in 10 weeks) and even help burn fat after training (about 100 calories in the next 24 hours).

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Ideally, you should do strength training at least twice a week and, of course, combine it with your cardio routines. And, of course, that you make them with the right weight for you but at the same time make you work hard.

Eat too much after training

Going to the gym does not mean you need to eat more unless your caloric expenditure actually allows you to increase your calorie intake in your diet. But if every time you get home the gym stuffs you with chocolate, chips, and bread because ‘you’re hungry’, you can even get fat instead of losing weight.

Before you start eating impulsively after your training sessions, stop and think if you really are as hungry as your brain wants to make you think. Once you have calmed down, leave the unhealthy peck aside and opt for healthy snacks that will help you not get fat.

One last thing, if you are one of those who goes to the gym a month and leaves it another month, you should know that you are completely unbalancing your body. And if you have doubts about this, look what happens to your body when you stop training.