Athena Immigration Advice – It’s up to us to carry out the client by the meanders of the law

The conversation within the Polish Choice 2017 Dorothy Darnell from the company  Athena Immigration Advice helping Polish immigrants in legal and bureaucratic Islands.

Polish Choice: Now that you Brexit a reality, and many immigrants do not know whether it will meet the formal requirements, to continue to live in the UK, reports to the State and more Poles for help?

Dorota Darnell: Yes, for sure. Recent political developments have a major impact on their countrymen who wish to explain sytaucję. We receive a lot of phone calls and e-mails. Customers can visit us in our office. Are concerned, they outweigh the mood of uncertainty, resentment – I happen to answer the phone has a very emotional character. There are tears, fear, anger.

Many Polish immigrants in the UK is trying to settle as soon as possible a permanent residency or British citizenship. How do you help you in these complicated procedures, which is hard to tell ordinary citizen?
Athena is a team of professionals. Every customer is important to us. Each case is different. The basis is to conduct a detailed interview. Understanding the personal and professional situation.

This allows us to determine the chances of settling the matter as expected or to indicate another solution. Indeed, the Home Office procedures are complicated. Up to us to carry out the customer step by step through the twists and turns right and clerical needs. Patiently explain, what the different points in the application form for residency or citizenship. We provide tips on how to get such. Documents confirming the payment of taxes.
Unfortunately, very often hear: “I read on the internet, a colleague said to do nothing, every Pole is no automatic resident (sic).” Please note – immigration law is just as comprehensive and works on the principle of interpretation like any other – only a trained professional can certainly comment on what steps should be taken in a given situation. So I encourage you to consult only with authorized consulting companies, I’m not talking only on behalf of Athena, but also on behalf of all others, lawyers, consultants and regulated in the UK.

What kind of legal problems, except those related to Brexitem – Athena report to the Immigration Advice Poles most often?
Many cases relate to the effects of actions of debt collectors, for example. Incorrectly issued Notice of Enforcement or unlawful seizure of goods the customer. We also help applicants with the Small Claims Court to recover unpaid debt.

We also dispute Tenant – Landlord. Many people report with a request to draw up a CV and Cover Letters and Business Plans – designed and written for a client (do not use templates). Our prices are moderate. We strive to provide the highest quality of services and therefore not complain about the lack of work.

Is your office is also involved in translating documents into English and from English into Polish?
Yes – they are very popular translations and interpretations of contracts, eg. A contract of employment, or renting an apartment. I am now in the final phase of accreditation of ITI (Institute of Translation & Interpreting) and soon to turn on our offer certified translations of documents (Polish and English language) or sworn translator.

Immigration Advice company Athena for the first time taking part in the poll Best Polish. What would be a win for you?
I will not hide that we are all excited about the plebiscite. Of course, we want to win. However, the mere participation and the fact that we have been nominated by our customers (greetings to Mr. Adam, who by appointment of Athena won admission to the VIP gala) is something absolutely fantastic.

We highly support the initiative “Polish Express” in promoting and integrating Polish entrepreneurs of small and large, in the UK. There is also a large dose of emotion, and of great competition, which I wish you success. And all completed gala, where you can exchange experiences and establish contacts – can not wait for April!

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