At least 12 people killed by Typhoon “Hato” in southern China

The country’s authorities say it is the most intense typhoon in the last 53 years

Typhoon Hato has left at least 12 people dead and more than 270 wounded as it passes through southern China , CCTV reported on Thursday, which has indicated that eight of the dead have occurred in the administrative region Special of Macau.

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The Chinese authorities have pointed out that it is the typhoon with the greatest intensity of the last 53 years. In Macau, where power supplies and water resources have been cut since noon on Wednesday, a hundred people are still missing.

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“It seems that the city is at war,” said an official in relation to the meteorological phenomenon, which has caused winds of more than 200 kilometers per hour and damages in houses and infrastructures.

Hato landed on Wednesday in Hong Kong, where about 400 flights have been canceled and more than 30 people have been injured.

Chinese authorities have reported that the typhoon, which has arrived in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, continues to travel west to the south of the country on Thursday.

In Guangdond Province, public transport service has been suspended. Thousands of residents have been evacuated to the coastal towns of southern China.

8 hairstyles inspired by ‘Game of Thrones’ for your weddings this summer

In these months of the year, weddings continue to accumulate and leave us with no ideas. How many have you already had? How many are left? Is yours coming? So, taking advantage of the furor that is awakening the seventh season of Game of Thrones , we give you the best hairstyles of the series to inspire you: braids, collected, semi-collected, loose hair …

Since the saga is set in a fictional universe closely related to the Middle Ages, the whole aesthetic follows the tradition of the great houses of that time. In addition, many of them remember the Old Age, with Greece and Rome as main representatives. In any case, elegance and sensuality go hand in hand. Do you want to try your luck with these hairstyles?

Daenerys Targaryen (Khalessi) and the Dutch braids

She is a warrior woman and involved with the cause, who stains, leads and rules like a real woman. And, in turn, does not lose an ounce of femininity.

One of his star hairstyles looks as much on great dates as on more everyday events. It starts with a Dutch braid that starts at the crown. Then, after dividing the hair with a sharp stripe in the middle, we recovered the Dutch braids, one on each side. These braids have a special feature: they begin to braid from the bottom, not from above, with a much more original result. Next, we left two inches between the braids and built two more. In both cases, always attach in the center with a plastic gum. To finish, gel fixative to secure them and the rest of the hair loose, on the shoulders. You will be a princess with rock and roll .

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
Sansa Stark: loose, collected and braids

Sansa Stark has changed a lot of hairstyles throughout the seasons. The most used is the loose hair, separated with a line in the middle and joining behind the two tufts that would cover the face. To make it perfect, you must reduce the moisture of the hair and use products to prevent frizz.

Game of Thrones

However, Sansa has also brought her hair totally collected for star events, and in a very original way. It could be defined as a tiara of braids, but the process has much more. First, we must divide the hair into two, separating the upper (above the ears), and the lower part, where we begin to forge small braids from the two halves (next to each of the ears). Second, we get to work with the top: we made two other braids, this time larger . At the end, we turned the two large braids into spirals, holding them with forks, And the rest we place it on the head, like a diadem and fastened with forks. Finally, we take the small braids and place them as a diadem, in front of the large braids. We reinforce with forks to avoid major evils during the big day.
Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
Finally, we resorted to one of Sansa’s latest hairstyles. This one is more sober and in agreement with the maturity that the young woman begins to acquire in the last seasons. It consists of three braids: two small and one large. The first two are built after splitting the hair in the middle, from the birth of hair. Taking three locks from the top to start the process, we will reinforce one of them (always the same) with more hair through new locks. In this way, the braid will be constructed along the head, from the front to the back, at which time the braid will be completed in a normal manner. At the end of the process, both braids are joined with a clasp or a similar complement. With the remaining hair, we made a thick braid . The result is comfortable and elegant.
Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
Cersei Lannister: mixing styles

Cersei has become accustomed to wearing a similar hairstyle in almost all seasons. This consists of three parts divided into three pigtails at different heights. Start working with the medium, whose process is very simple:  a large and long braid. Go back to the first ponytail and divide it into two fine braids that are joined around that great braid we already had. To finish, take the third ponytail and release it. If you want to look like Cersei, slightly rip your hair loose and drop it on your shoulders. The result is that of a strong and confident queen of herself, with a huge appeal.

Game of Thrones

In the last two seasons, and due to the surprising turning points of the script, Cersei has been forced to cut her long mane (rather, she has been pruned by force). However, the final product has been a cut pixie style ,which looks great with the blond color of the protagonist. Although the hairstyle is ideal for girls with sweet features, the beauty of Lena Headey, something more aggressive, does not make you lose any kind of attraction.
Game of Thrones

Missandei and her wild afro

The young assistant Daenerys has a delicate beauty that receives the spark of his Afro style, imprinting rebellion to his angelic appearance. For those extremely curly hairs that seem to levitate, or for those looking for a look of this style without having the predetermined cut, take different strands and make curlers so that the curl is very marked. Repeat the process with the other locks and accompany it with a touch of fixative to make it perfect. You can also put curlers and ensure a physiognomy without cracks. It is a style with a lot of flow , very underground and that will always be fashionable even if it does not look like it.

Game of Thrones

Melisandre, the priestess of the flanked braid

That red color passion of her mane is excellent with the braid, one of the hairstyles of the Priestess of Game of Thrones . You just have to make a dash in the middle and split the hair into tufts. Then pick it aside and begin to build a braid with three of those strands. But it’s not all said: the key is to stop halfway and leave the end of the braid unmade. This end can be adorned with a beautiful rubric: a wave or soft curl with iron or curling iron to brighten the result.

Game of Thrones

These are the most interesting hairstyles of the saga, many of them repeated in other characters. If you have a wedding, whether you are the protagonist or one more guest,  opt for these film designs and combine it with outfits that overflow personality.

30 dead for fire in London

At least 30 people were killed in the blaze unleashed Wednesday in a residential tower  in west London, commander Stuart Cundy of the London Metropolitan Police (Met) confirmed today.

In a hearing before the media, the high command said that “at this time, there is nothing to suggest that the fire was deliberately provoked” and indicated that “sadly” do not expect “to find more survivors.”

At the Grenfell Tower, a 24-storey block of 120 homes,  located west of the capital, 76 people are now “missing”, according to media estimates.

Twenty-four people are still hospitalized, 12 of them in critical condition at four medical centers in the capital, according to Cundy.

This police official said that the investigation of Scotland Yard will try to clarify what happened, although he pointed out that there is nothing that indicates that the fire was provoked.

“Sadly, as we said, we always knew that the number of deceased would increase and now we can say that, at the moment, we know that at least 30 people have died, ” corroborated the commander, who said that among those dead ” Who had been transferred to a hospital and died despite the care offered by NHS (National Public Health Service) toilets. ”

Fire in a 24-storey building in London

Twelve of those fatalities have already been transferred to the morgue, while other bodies “sadly” remain inside the building, Cundy said.

The commander also said that now “there are no more pockets of fire” inside the tower.

In his speech, Cundy anticipated that due to the conditions in which the property is burned, emergency services will take “considerable time” to complete their research.

Isabel II visits the London district by surprise

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Cambridge today moved to a center set up to help those affected by the fire on Wednesday.

In an unannounced visit, partially televised by the BBC, the monarch and his grandson, Prince William – second in the line of succession to the throne -, they had volunteers, affected in the incident and representatives of the community of the district of North Kensington, In the west of the capital, where the fire took place.

Isabel II on Thursday expressed her condolences to those affected in the tragedy and praised the “bravery” of the firefighters who rushed to rescue the victims and the “incredible generosity” of the volunteers, in a statement issued by Buckingham Palace, His official residence.