Good Debt vs. Bad Debt. Beyond Tax Advice

When I think of life in today’s world, the thing that comes to mind is “Buyer Beware.” You are sold a house, a car, insurance, shoes, clothes, medicine, investments… Everything you think you need to survive and thrive is sold to you. Most of the time by someone who benefits from the sale, whether it is a commission, a bonus, a promotion, or just the fact that you become a regular customer.

Imagine how much different your life would be if you knew that every time you stepped out your door, someone, many times calling themselves an “expert,” had something to sell you. When you go to buy a car, the salesman, who is paid on commission, will try to sell you the most expensive car s/he can. When you go to buy a home, the realtor will show you homes more expensive than you can afford. A few years ago, a creative mortgage broker would have designed a loan for you that made you think you could afford an expensive home, even if you couldn’t. All of these “experts” are commission-based salesmen, trained and hired to sell you things. And their own livelihood depends upon them selling you as much as they can.

Absolutely no one is thinking of your budget, or how his or her sale fits into the big picture of what you can really afford. So, if you aren’t adding everything up and making sound choices on the big-ticket items, you’ll be drowning in credit card debt in no time at all. Most people are spending far too much on their housing, car, food, insurance, etc. – their basic needs. When you are struggling to survive, buried alive in bills, you are not able to enjoy life. The Thrive Budgets gives you time, money and permission to have fun, be charitable, educate yourself and invest for additional passive income while you sleep-all of the things that make life more enjoyable.


But the sales don’t stop there. The shoe salesman. The clothing salesman. The seminars. The newsletters. The TV ads. The nonprofit you donated to 25 years ago that still calls you every Christmas. Once, at a fish shop, the guy behind the counter actually tried to sell me a 25-pound fish! The twenty-something girl at the waxing salon just tried to convince me that nostril waxing is the latest fad and that it is healthy because it helps your allergies.

But the sales don’t stop there. The scare ads that tell you America is going to hell in a hand basket and only buying gold or electing a fiscal conservative President will fix it. (Congress controls the budget and taxes, not the President, however the President can start two wars, like President Bush did.) The “friend” who has a sure shot oil investment opportunity in Texas, where the studies were leaked (only to them) by Exxon Mobil (and there is no mention of whether that is actually legal)…

You are sold prescriptions to lower your blood pressure, to lower your cholesterol and to increase your blood flow. In fact, the best path to health – to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and increase blood flow-is to eat right and exercise (particularly in a nation where 1/3 of our citizens are obese). I was at a women’s health conference where none of the female doctors mentioned diet and exercise as an efficacious tool for the afore-mentioned – until one of the laywomen in the room stood up and asked why this had been overlooked.

As one personal example of this: my son’s pediatrician used to joke that he did his job too well. He only saw my son during well child checkups! The pediatrician I was using only one year prior to finding Dr. Jay Gonest lost her job when she prescribed year-round antibiotics to treat my son’s recurring ear infections. Dr. Jay’s pro-immune system, anti-allergy approach cured the problem in three short months, and promoted health so well that my son never got sick again!

When a person is past due paying their taxes, the situation often feels stressful. What does one do? How does one deal with the IRS? What options does one have? My suggestion is to contact IRS debt tax advisors.

My goal is to help you figure out what options you have and to give you tips for dealing with the IRS.

First step is to get an overview of how much is owed.
It’s important to document how much unpaid tax you owe for each tax year and for each tax agency.

This will become a useful summary of your tax situation, and will help you keep track of what’s going on.

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