How to face loneliness at Christmas

Learn to face loneliness at Christmas and take advantage of these dates to live them according to your priorities and without letting you overcome by sadness.

The loneliness at Christmas is a difficult emotional situation for those people who, for various reasons, feel especially alone at this time of year. The loss of a loved one, the recent transfer to an unknown place or the breakup of a relationship can soak up the sadness, depression, frustration, and despair these dates.

The imposed loneliness is a feeling that can overwhelm a person emotionally. Emotions that lead to negative thoughts and that may come to block. We associate Christmas with feelings of happiness and renewed illusions, but this same festive and family atmosphere can increase the feeling of sadness of those who feel alone.

How to overcome loneliness at Christmas

overcome loneliness christmas

One of the keys to not feeling alone at Christmas is that it is not obligatory to be happy every moment of the Christmas holidays. It is not advisable to idealize Christmas or to give it more important just because it is supposed to be the right thing to do. The first step to overcome loneliness, as pointed out by experts in psychology, is to relativize the Christmas dates and take them as a vacation over the calendar.

Accept the situation

Accepting the situation implies being honest with oneself, recognizing the feeling of loneliness and analyzing why and in what situations it appears or accentuates. This will allow us to be more realistic and live these dates in a way more in line with our current situation and needs. This also implies taking the initiative and, if, for example, we are far from the family, calling those friends and co-workers in the same situation and together planning your Christmas.

And, above all, let’s start taking advantage of those moments when you do want to be alone, for example, to read a good book, take a walk, listen to music or take a relaxing bath.

Rate the good of your life

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Feeling alone is not being alone, so from time to time, it is convenient to remind us of all the good things that exist in our life (family, couple, friends, work, projects …). This is what we have to cling to banish negative feelings and that can also lead us to generalizations or unrealistic ideas.

Playing sports at Christmas

It is always a good time to play sports, but at this time it may be the best way to release endorphins and improve mood. It can be a time to practice winter sports or to start a new activity, which also helps to leave home because locking yourself in is not a solution. Playing sports is a good first step to start taking care of yourself more, the healthiest purpose of these dates.

Traveling at Christmas

Christmas is a good time to enjoy a few days of rest and make a break, alone or in the company. A trip to enjoy the experience of spending a different Christmas.

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