Worcester wants £ 33m. He claims to have a happy coupon

Born in Germany, 48-year-old Susanne Hinte reported to Camelot that he had the second highest payout in the history of the British Lotto: 66 million pounds. The woman claims that although the coupon was washed out with jeans, you can play the numbers.

Searching for the owner of the second coupon has lasted for two weeks. Camelot just revealed this weekend that his second win was in Worcester. Hinte lives here, mother of two children and grandmother of four grandchildren; a divorcee who was associated with a British soldier in Germany.

A German from Worcester began to search for her coupon only when information appeared about the place to fill the lucky six numbers. As he says, the coupon is in the pocket of her washed jeans. She has already sent his remains to the Camelot headquarters and all the nerves are now waiting for the decision of the lottery organizer.

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As her daughter admitted, Susanne cries and does not leave his rented home in Worcester. It does not even read the letters and hundreds of emails that have already started to come to her from people who are craving for someone else’s cash . If he gets a win, he wants to help his family first. Part of the win is supposed to be spent on charity.

Natasha’s daughter works as an assistant at Morrison’s. I do not want to reveal what her mother is doing. She only talks about her having heart disease and has undergone surgery in the summer. She has been working all the time and is still working professionally. She wanted to stay anonymous, but the secret had not lasted long , especially since Susanne, asking for help, had told her salespeople at the newsstand where she had sent the coupon. They also made friends who wrote about their problems on Facebook.

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Susanne lives in Warndon, a suburb of Worcester. Natu Patel, the owner of a three-mile kiosk, is convinced that a happy coupon, worth exactly 33,035,323 pounds, was bought at him. He did not bet he was expecting a gift from the lucky guy who bought it. There is also no certainty that it is about Susanne. All the more so because the Camelot spokesman confirmed that the missing lottery ticket had been received by several different people.

For a lost or missing coupon, the potential winner has 30 days. If none of the claims is accepted, the lottery will give you all the winnings (including the interest you make until your decision is made) for the charity. Financial experts estimate that 33 million pounds invested in a venture or 5 percent stake. Earnings per year are £ 200 an hour and £ 1.6 million a year.

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